Going Wild

Healing my Plantar Fasciitis

Apparently, UGG boots and the like are horrible for your feet, which comes as a big disappointment to me. I loved every aspect of them: the ease of slipping them on and off, the fact that that match with 90% of my outfits (mom leggings strike again) and they worked perfectly in Colorado’s snowy weather. But at the end of last year’s boot season my dogs were definitely barking. Here comes a case of Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot that effected the daily aspects of my life. Upon waking I walk with a hobble to the restroom, my lower back is angry because my stride is being compensated, I no longer want to run as it causes a flare up.

I Dr. Googled my diagnoses like any good American and tried all the remedies: iced it, rolled it on a fancy foot massager, bought fancy new running shoes that are designed to ease plantar fasciitis, took anti-imflammatories, hand massaged and stretched it in the A.M. and P.M., rubbed in essential oils into my muscles, stretched every muscle, joint and tendon in my body. The only thing I didn’t do was get one of those foot stretchers for when you sleep.

Upon reading the book Go Wild, by Ratey and Manning, I decided to get my feet out of their binding shoe corsets and into a more freeing shoe designed for natural movement. After researching some brands I decided on shoes from Vivobarefoot. I took a gamble since I did not get to try them on. I am a tactile person and prefer shopping in person vs. online.

OMG, I am so glad that I did. I can feel my foot getting stronger, my balanced has improved and my husband says I even walk with more confidence.

I can totally feel a shift in my stride when I walk and run, and I no longer experience lower back pain when I run. My plantar fasciitis is on the mend! Stay tuned for updates on my running and healing.

I even picked up a pair of winter boots from Vivobarefoot. They are not as “stylish” as my Uggs, but I’m almost 40, so I definitely prefer comfort over fashion!

1 thought on “Healing my Plantar Fasciitis”

  1. i’m going to try these, have the same issues. thanks for reading and following my blog and i look forward to doing the same with yours, joan. best, beth


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