Commitment to Myself

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I am ready to go all in on life and the Credit Hero Challenge. I will build a life that helps people financially, live a healthy life, form great relationships with their kids and make the world a more beautiful place. I will become the next Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club success story. I will help Drs change the face of medicine. I will be a leader in child development and parenting and I will have a beautiful home to host people. And above all, I will be the bridge from people’s reality to dreams.

I am ready to commit to changing my emotions so that they represent my future self. I am committing to dreaming, but trusting in the universe so that abundance will flow to me. I am committing to living a life of love. To stop the habitual negative feelings that my body craves. I am committing to changing my morning routine of twitter and late night talk show monologues to starting my morning with meditation, feeling the emotions of my future and of gratitude.

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