I Finally Found the Secret to Productivity!

Are you not reaching your goals despite having read several self-help books? I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, read tons of self-help books, and I still was not reaching my goals! What was wrong with me? I seriously was starting to believe I was missing the “productivity” gene. My brain would not allow me to stop procrastinating. I was consistently inconsistent. Instead of ending my day how I envisioned it, feeling proud, productive and moving forward in life; I ended the day feeling sad, guilty and ashamed. Why could I just not get my life together? I made vision boards, meditated, wrote my schedule at night, journaled, set intentions, and I even wrote and signed those self contracts. I had accountability partners, who in the end, I just avoided and ghosted. Nothing was getting done! What a loser!

Consciously, I have big dreams. To semi-retire by the age of 55, to make six-figure in passive income, to be a six-figure copy and content writer, to weigh a svelte 136 pounds, to live in my dream house, to eat intuitively, to have close friends in my city. And even though I had been working on myself and developing myself for the past 5 years it was still not happening! Recently, I discovered my subconscious brain was holding me back!

While listening to another podcast, hoping I would be inspired, I clicked on an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton. He said, and I am paraphrasing here, 95% of your day is run by your subconscious brain. And if you are not meeting your conscious goals, it is that your subconscious brain is holding you back. What does this mean? You are running on a program that was instilled in you as a child. The important messages we learn that show us how to navigate society, our little community, our family and ourselves, are messages from our parents, media, school, peers and other caregivers. It is what shapes and molds our views. This is why most poor people stay poor and why rich people tend to stay rich, despite how hard they work, how nice they are, and what goals they are setting. We are filled to the brim with this is subconscious programming.

So what are we to do? How do we break the cycle of being held hostage to our subconscious brain? How do we go about and reprogram ourselves? According to Lipton, there are 3 ways – hypnosis and subliminal messaging, repetition, and energy psychology.

Taking his advice, I downloaded a bunch of affirmations ranging in topics from health, wealth, productivity and motivation so that I could play them while I slept and would wake up to them in the morning (Yay for YouTube premium). And it works! I am writing this blog aren’t I? I have been wanting to get back into writing for the last couple of months and would just keep putting it off. What are some other changes I’ve noticed? My to-do list doesn’t seem so hard. Instead of lots of internal resistance, I now flow with it. I actually danced in my kitchen by myself! WTF! My brain is changing. And this was after 3-4 days of listening to my affirmations. It may sound silly and like it doesn’t work, and maybe this is my one productive day for the month, but overall, I feel happier, inspired and ready to tackle my dreams. Resistance is still there, but it is more of a whisper vs shouting from a megaphone.

I will update this new found trick and let you know how my consistency and habitation is coming along.

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