Can I get paid to be me?

I have always been fascinated by people who make money just being themselves. From Kim Kardashian to travel vloggers. I am also fascinated by human nature and our desire to go on journeys with others and witness their stories. As you might know from this blog, I am done with trying to work a traditional 9-5, and set out making money on my own. I have had to deprogram my brain. I mean, I went to college like every good American and got a useful degree. Even though I am shunning my former life, I will say, my chemistry degree is useful and I am glad I got one. But I am ready to embark on this journey of being a self-employed Xennial.

Skills I would like to develop and to do in my spare time

  1. Becoming quick and efficient using Lightworks
  2. Develop my writing portfolio
  3. Mastering my mind and Ego
  4. Earning 100K just being me 🙂
  5. Setting up and automating life systems for daily chores, incoming information/material things and passive income.

So far I have used my skills to write resumes for people. I do find it rewarding as I feel like I am helping people better themselves. A nice little taste of success using my skills making the world a better place. I am off to go do more housekeeping chores. Until next time. BYE!

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